Projects : 

In Egypt:

Qenna - Savaga (RCS with EGERCO):


The preparation and installation of the track between Qenna on the Nile , (620 km South of Cairo ) and Safaga Port , on the Red Sea by RCS. The total length of the track including sidings and stations is 270 km.

RCS started this project on 1/5/1996. Works included installation, tamping, thermite welding and relieving internal stress of the track. The project was finalized and handed over to ENR for operation. Budget for this contract 80 million pounds.


Doubling of Assiout - Sohag track along Cairo - High Dam (RCS with EGERCO):
The project is to double the track between Assiout (375 km south of Cairo ) and Sohag (497 km South of Cairo) along the main line of the Cairo/Aswan/High Dam line, and to renew the existing line. Total length of new line and renewed line is 184 km. Work included thermite welding, relieving the track of thermal stresses. The renewal of the existing line was executed during authorized line course. The speed limit was increased from 70 Km/Hr to 110 Km/Hr. Work on the project commenced on 1st February 1989, and finalized on May 1992. Budget 46 million pounds.


Doubling and renewal of line between Luxor and Aswan (RCS with EGERCO) :
The renewal and doubling of the main track between .Luxor (670 Km South of Cairo ) and Aswan (880 Km South of Cairo ) with a total length of 420 Km/Work for the first stage (between Luxor and Edfu) has started on the 15 July 1992 and was banded to LNR for operation on 31/11/1994. The second stage between Edfu and Aswan started on July 1995 and was handed to ENR for operation on Dec. 1997. Budget 120 million pounds.

Quenna - Abu Tartour (RCS with EGERCO):
The project includes installing and preparing a new rail track between Qenna and the Phosphate mines in Abu Tartour , North West of the west desert. The total length of the main line is 450 Km. The sidings, stations and yards have a total length of 160 Km. The project included welding 200 Km of the line by electrical mobile weldings. Budget of 180 million.

Kabani - Matrouh (RCS with EGERCO):
This project was to renew the existing line. Work entailed changing wooden sleepers, steel sleepers and changing the rails. The renewed track, was 275 Km. Work commenced on October 1993 and completed on 1995.


Flooding of Qenna - Safaga (RCS with EGERCO) :
Recovering, removing the damages caused by the floods in Qenna/Safaga Line for a distance of 18 Km distributed on 87 locations. The work has been accomplished by removing all affected rail panels if required. After rebuilding the bank, the panels were reinstalled on the. new bridges, tamped and then welded (flash butt welding and thermite welding). The new length of the rails after cutting is 17.5 m instead of 18 m- thermite welding is done after the flash butt welding concurrent with reliving the internal stresses in the rails. Work commenced on 4/1 1/1994, and was finalized on 15/7/1995.


Qantara - Rafah (RCS with EGERCO):
Planning of the new line, north of Sinai Peninsula between Qantara (on Sinai, east of the Suez Canal ) and Rafah on the borders of Palestine with a total distance of 225 Km, main line and 170 Km siding, yards, and stations. The work commenced on Jan. 1996.

This project is situated on the north of Sinai Penensula and runs parallel to the Mediterranean sea with a total length of 225 Km line, and 170 Km sidings, stations, and yards. Work commenced on this project on April 1997 and is expected to be finalized by the year 2001.


Tanta - Damietta - Banha - Port Said (RCS with EGERCO):
Welding of 800 Km on the lines Tanta / Damietta /Banha/Port Said, and Benisuef/Minia using RCS's mobile welding machines. RCS has already executed over 60000 welds on the lines Qenna/Abu Tartour, Qenna/Safaga and Luxor/Aswan, Total no. of welds executed on ENR network till Dec. 2000 is 150000 welds.

Other works (RCS with EGERCO):

a) Thermite welding and distressing for a distance, of 200 Km along the main track between Soha2 and Beni Suef in Upper Egypt .   Work comprised replacing old rails for a distance of 120 Km. Cutting the rail ends for 80 Km and distressing done during line closure. Total budget for work done was 2.56 Million Egyptian pounds.

b) Tamping 400 turnouts between Giza and Sohag in Upper Egypt with a budget of 6 Million Egyptian Pounds.

c) Maintenance of i80 Km on the line between Qenna/Safaga with a budget of 3.6 Million Egyptian Pounds.

d) Maintenance of 72 turnouts along the line between Qenna/Safaga with a budget of 750000 Egyptian Pounds.