Materials Supplied by Agencies:  
For railways :
1-Rails :  
B.E.C. has been supplying rails to the Egyptian National Railways and the Libyan National Railways. The rails meet UIC specifications and are imported from European manufacturers.  
2-Fishplates and Insulated Fishplates :
B.E.C. has supplied fishplates to the Libyan National Railways, insulated kits to the Egyptian National Railways and the Underground Metro Organization, the fishplates are superior in quality due to the manufacturing process (forging) and are imported from England.  
3-Turnouts :
B.E.C. is supplying turnouts to the Egyptian National Railways and Libyan National Railways.   
The turnouts are imported from appropriate European manufacturers.  
4- Buffer Stops : imported from Europe and USA.
5-Brake Disc Pads :  
B.E.C. supplies brake pads used on metros and trains, this product will be manufactured soon  
locally in our factory located at Borg El Arab.
6-Inspection and track service machines:
These machines are equipped with up to date high technological devices and parts, and were supplied to the Egyptian National Railways. These machines are imported from a Swiss manufacturer.  
B.E.C. supplies all railway related products imported from appropriate worlwide suppliers and  
national ones.
For Steel Industries :  
B.E.C. is supplying Electric Arc Furnace electrodes, ferro manganese(low,medium and high carbon),
carbon manganese, spare parts and various other products to the national and private steel mills in Egypt.
For Petroleum companies :
B.E.C. supplies line pipes, casing , tubing ,seamless tubes,elbows and reducers to the national and international petroleum companies in Egypt.
For glass and crystal industries :
B.E.C. supplies all types of grinding wheels for the use in crystal and glass manufacturing .
For different industrial fields :
B.E.C. supplies copper and bronze products, moulds for CNC machines, tubes, capillary tubes,
copper stripes, wires, rods and tanks for different indutrial purposes .